Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Pools

Getting the most splash for your cash

ICF swimming pools are faster and less expensive to build and offer far greater savings in return. Insulated concrete walls prevent more than 60% of the heat loss of the pool, extending your swimming season while saving you money.

Insulating Concrete Forms are one of the most versatile building products on the market. While ICFs are more frequently used for many structures including homes and commercial buildings, they are growing in popularity for building swimming pools because of their versatility, construction advantages, and end-user benefits.

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What are Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)?

ICFs are two foam panels connected by plastic webs or ties that join the panels, provide placement options for securing rebar, and form insulated studs

Filled with concrete and left in place they provide extremely high-density insulation and air-tight sound-proof walls that are resist high-wind speed and other natural disasters while reducing energy-use more than 60%. ICFs designed to create the strongest structure, create less waste, and install faster than other blocks on the market. ICFs are measured based on the concrete core width.

ICF Radius Forms

Radius forms are also available making it easy to form any shape

These forms are designed to ease construction of energy-efficient ICF pools, southwest style homes, bay windows, circular staircases, and provide options when designing unique areas in ICF homes.

Learn more about Insulating Concrete Forms and ICF construction for residential and commercial projects at BuildBlock's website.


ICF Pool Advantages

Building with ICFs gives you advantages that you wouldn't have otherwise

Faster Construction

Preassembled, Light-Weight, and Easy-to-Use

Stackable for Secure Placement

Environmentally Friendly, Low Waste Material

Easily Adaptable for Any Design

More Consistent Wall Finish

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For Contractors


Expanding ICF Market

As ICFs gain popularity, the demand for suppliers and contractors increases as well. Using ICFs for your projects will allow you to access a new and ever-growing market.

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Faster Construction

The faster construction process of ICFs will allow you to finish projects more quickly. This gives you the opportunity to take on and complete even more projects without having to compromise any standards. Increase the capacity of your schedule by building with ICFs.


Reduced Labor Costs

ICFs are light-weight and easy to build; simply stack, brace, and pour. Building an ICF project requires fewer crew members than traditional pool construction which can tremendously cut down on labor costs and boost your profitability.


For DIY Builders

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ICF construction is simple, making it a great material for DIY builders to use. Even with limited construction experience, building with ICFs is easy to learn making them ideal for new builders.

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Reduced Energy Costs

The insulating properties of ICF walls prevent heat loss from the bottom and sides of your pool, greatly reducing energy consumption to effectively lowering your monthly utility bill compared to traditional pool construction.

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Greater Longevity

ICF walls are composed of steel reinforced concrete surrounded by insulating EPS foam giving them exceptional strength and durability. ICF structures are designed to last and will withstand time for years and years to come.


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