ICF Swimming Pools for Contractors

Swimming pool contractors and installers save time and money while building a longer-lasting, more energy efficient pool for a growing market

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Easy to Build

ICFs are designed with features to make building pools easy. ICF blocks are composed of EPS foam and high-density plastic webbing making them very light-weight. Blocks are pre-assembled and feature interlocking connections making them completely reversible and interchangeable, and easy to form walls. The plastic webbing feature built-in clips to easily snap into place and secure rebar reinforcement. Blocks are also very easy to cut for different sizes or shapes to adapt to any pool design. Sleeves for plumbing and electrical systems are simple to install by creating chases into the foam and using adhesive foam to secure. Adaptions for skimmers and special attachments are also easy to cut and measure for. Stacked ICF walls have incredibly straight and flat surfaces which makes them ideal for plaster, tiles, and other finishes. Even with a lack of experience, ICF installation is easy to learn in no time.

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Save Time and Money

The benefits of ICF swimming pools for contractors go beyond just tangible results. Because ICFs have so many advantages, the construction process is far more efficient. ICF pools can be built much faster than a traditional pool and even with a smaller crew. By using ICFs, you can greatly reduce a project’s labor requirements, thus cutting down on construction costs. Cost reduction also comes as a result of less wasted material. Since ICF blocks are easy to adapt and completely reversible, even cut and altered pieces of an ICF block can be utilized. This eliminates waste and saves on the cost of construction material.

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Sell a Better Product

Distinguish yourself and your company from competing swimming pool contractors by selling a superior product. ICF pools are stronger, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient than traditional pools. Steel reinforced concrete gives ICF walls the proven strength to resist damage from fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. In addition, neither steel, concrete, or foam are susceptible to rot or decay giving an ICF pool permanent strength and greater longevity. ICF pools are also much more energy-efficient and easier to keep insulated. ICF pools consume far less energy to insulate making it cheaper for owners to keep their pool comfortable while extending their swimming season.

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Establish Yourself in a Growing Market

ICFs are continuing to grow in popularity as a building material for commercial, residential, and pool construction. As demand for ICFs grows, so does its market. Now, more than ever, builders and owners are looking for more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. Use ICFs to build pools and supply the increasing demand and create opportunities for growth.

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