Why ICF Pools for DIY Builders

ICFs are much simpler and easier to build and deliver added benefits for
a stronger, more energy-efficient, longer-lasting pool - great for a DIY swimming pool

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Easier and Faster Construction

ICF construction is a much simpler process than traditional building methods and feature advantages to make it easy for anyone to learn. Walls are formed using a simple stack, brace, and pour process. ICF blocks come pre-assembled with built-in connectors to make stacking and securing almost as easy as playing with LEGOs. Being made of foam means blocks are easy to cut and measure for electrical and plumbing systems, skimmers, and special attachments. The cuttability also cuts the cost of material by reducing waste. Cut and left-over ICF pieces can be reused and placed anywhere to eliminate spending money on wasted material. Formed walls create an especially flat and smooth surface for easy application of finishes such as stucco, plaster, and tiles. For an installer-friendly, quick, and easy construction process, use ICFs.
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Greater Savings

ICFs are the most cost-effective solution for pool building. ICF pools can cost less to build, they have less operational expenses, and eliminate the need for future expensive pool repair. Because ICF pools require fewer materials and are easier to build, the initial construction cost can be greatly reduced while still delivering a high-quality pool. Monthly savings can be found through the insulating pool walls which reduce up to 80% of heat loss and lower energy consumption. On top of that, ICF pools require fewer repair costs compared to other pool types. Traditional concrete pools often require the walls to be resurfaced as moisture infiltration will weaken exposed concrete. ICF pools eliminate this issue by completely enclosing the concrete inside of EPS foam to prevent water infiltration. ICF pools save owners money right at the start and continue to save year after year.

ICFs are a DIY Builder's dream come true

ICF pools offer the builders advantages for easy and quick construction and offer the owners a stronger, more energy efficient pool with lower costs and far greater longevity.

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Build Any Design

ICF blocks are incredibly easy to cut and adapt to create custom shapes and curves for any DIY swimming pool design. Preformed corner and radius ICF blocks are also available to make forming curves even easier. The great adaptability means you can build virtually any pool design and add special attachments without extra hassle.

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More Benefits

Not only are ICF pools easier to build, but they also offer the owner additional benefits that other pools don’t. ICF pools have better energy-efficiency and insulation to extend your swimming season while saving your money on energy costs. In pools, most heat is lost through the sides and bottom of the pool. ICF pools reduce your energy costs and extend the swimming season to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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Greater Strength and Longevity

ICF structures are built to last and are able to withstand even the most severe disaster. ICF walls are made of steel-reinforced, solid concrete which is proven to withstand damage from tornadoes and hurricanes, fires, and even earthquakes. The steel, concrete, and EPS foam are also not susceptible to rot or decay and won’t weaken over time. Build with ICFs and make sure you can enjoy your pool for years and years to come.

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