Why You Should Choose ICFs for Swimming Pools

Better building, more savings, and greater longevity

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), originally designed for basement and wall construction, are now being used to construct high-quality, energy-efficient, long-lasting pools. ICFs are a preassembled stackable block made of EPS foam and high-density plastic that surround solid concrete. Walls are constructed by stacking ICF blocks, bracing with steel, then filling with concrete; it’s almost as easy as playing with LEGOS!
Unlike traditional concrete pools, ICF pools are quick to build and have far less maintenance. Regular concrete pools require stringent upkeep and expensive water treatments to prevent the concrete from weakening. Without this extensive maintenance, concrete walls are prone to cracks, pores, and algae growth which may require an expensive resurfacing of the entire pool. ICF pools solve this problem by entirely surrounding the pool walls with EPS foam to create a more waterproof barrier that protects the concrete from moisture penetration. ICF pools offer the same flexibility and durability of concrete pools, only without the extra hassle and expenses.
ICF pools can also be built faster than concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools alike! The ICF construction process is simply stack, brace, and pour. The preformed ICF blocks are incredibly light-weight and easy to move around. They also feature interlocking connectors to easily secure each block in place, just like a giant LEGO. ICF blocks are also easy to cut and modify so making alterations for design specifications is hassle-free!
Not only is building a pool with ICFs much easier and faster, but the finished ICF pool features benefits that you can’t get with concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Because ICF walls are surrounded by EPS foam, they offer much better insulation. This greatly reduces heat loss and lowers energy consumption resulting in lower monthly utility bills to save owners money. ICF pools are also much stronger than other pool types. The solid steel-reinforced concrete also gives unparalleled strength to the structure for better durability and greater longevity.
You can use ICFs to build virtually any pool design. ICFs can be adapted to make curves and corners for special pool shapes. Cutouts for electrical and plumbing systems, skimmers, and special attachments are also an easy task. Build your perfect pool using ICFs!

Better Way To Build

ICFs are a faster and easier way to build a better pool

Lasting Benefits

ICF pools offer timeless benefits that you can't find anywhere else

ICF Pool Construction Advantages

ICFs offer distinct features to make construction easier, faster, and more efficient

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Faster Construction

ICF construction has introduced a new way to build walls at a much faster pace. ICF blocks are pre-formed and building with them is almost as easy at building with LEGOs. Simply stack, brace, and pour. Complete your project faster building with ICFs.

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Preassembled and Light-Weight

ICFs are pre-assembled blocks composed of EPS foam and high-density plastic. Walls are formed by stacking ICF blocks on top of each other, reinforcing with steel rebar, and then pouring concrete inside. The internal plastic webbing also serves as an attachment point for bracing systems. Foam and plastic create a light-weight material which makes handling and stacking walls an even easier task.

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Easily Stacked and Secured in Place

ICF blocks are designed with interlocking patterns that secure each block in place as walls are being formed. The interlocking pattern completely reversible and blocks are interchangeable. Each block is molded with high-density plastic webbing inside to snap and hold steel reinforcement in place as well as attachment points for bracing systems.
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Environmental, Low-Waste Material

ICFs are made using steam meaning no harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) are used and there is no degree of “off-gassing” during production. Furthermore, ICFs are incredibly easy to cut and modify resulting in far less waste and pollution on the job site.

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Easily Adaptable for Any Design

Building with ICFs will not limit your design capabilities. ICFs easy to cut and modify to install plumbing, electrical, skimmers, or any other attachment you might want. ICFs can be cut to create a radius for curved walls, but they are also available in corner and radius forms making it easy to form curves and shapes without any extra hassle. With ICFs, you can build virtually any and all pool designs.

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More Consistent Wall Finish

ICF pools are built using pre-formed blocks which results in straighter and smoother walls all the way around. Because ICF walls are extremely flat and much smoother, finishes, such as pool plaster, are also easier to apply.

Build Your Dream Pool

ICFs are extremely adaptable and can be used for virtually any design

Angles and curves can easily be formed by simply cutting and bracing the ICF blocks according to your pool dimensions. Preassembled angled and curved ICF blocks are also available and are installed as easily as standard blocks. ICF pools offer faster construction, more benefits, increased savings, and greater longevity without having to compromise your pool design. Build the pool of your dreams with ICFs!

Why Choose ICF Pools

ICF pools deliver incredible benefits that you will enjoy year after year

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Better Way To Build

ICF pool construction is easier, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional methods. The stack, brace, and pour process greatly cuts down construction time and is simple enough for anyone to learn. ICFs are composed of EPS foam which is an easy material to cut and adapt making it easy to install electrical and plumbing systems, skimmers, or any other attachment you might want. This adaptability also saves on construction costs by eliminating waste. Waterproofing and finishes are easily applied to ICF walls allowing for virtually any pool design. Save time and money without compromising your desired design by building an ICF pool.

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More Energy Efficient

Most heat loss in pools occurs through the sides and bottom of the pools. ICF walls are made of EPS foam, steel, and concrete to create a solid, highly-insulating wall that can greatly reduce heat loss. Energy-efficiency and heat loss are important factors to consider, especially for temperature regulated pools and areas in colder climates.

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Reduced Energy Costs

While ICF pools save you money during construction, the greatest savings are long-term. The superior insulation that ICF walls create greatly reduces the required energy consumption to help you save on energy costs month after month.

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Longer Swimming Season

Keep your pool comfortable for longer and extend your swimming season by building it using ICFs. ICF pools can greatly reduce heat loss compared to traditional pools making it cheaper and easier to control the temperature for a longer swimming season.

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Greater Longevity

EPS foam, steel rebar, and solid concrete create a pool that's built to last. ICF walls have been proven to withstand damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. Invest in a pool that's built to last to ensure that you can enjoy it for years and years to come.

“Experts calculate that up to 80% of a pool’s heat is lost through the sides and bottom of the pool, due to the fact that the ground conducts heat far more efficiently than air does. Considering the surface areas involved, continuous insulation is the best choice.”

- ICF Builder Magazine, July 2013

Benefits for Contractors

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Benefits for DIY Builders

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